Nothing but Flowers
Friday, July 30, 2004
It's a blue moon!

About 20 minutes ago I was reaching for something in my pantry and knocked over the corn meal. The top came off and corn meal spilled down...behind three shelves, leaving some on each shelf (or rather on the stuff on each shelf).
As I cleaned it up I thought "at least it wasn't flour".
Then the cat came and jostled me (she wants attention) as I was cleaning, and I was so startled I knocked the baking soda onto the ground.
Now can we just admit it's a meat market? Miss America pageant cans talent spots
Art v. Politics

Poor old Wrigley still falling apart but as of a few minutes ago, the game is on for today! of course, it's supposed to pour.

The Daily Show's kerry biography video was the best convention-themed TV available. With the possible exception of Obama's speech, but I didn't see that I listened to it. (John Kerry was born in Colorado as not george bush. as he grew up he became more and more like george bush, until he went to vietnam... etc. it's a long riff on the not bush theme. ending with a hi-larious elimiination of the other primary opponents). Also brilliant was their coverage of the reaction to Sharpton's speech, especially the conservative pundits dissmisal of it.
Anyway, find someone who tivod comedy central. totally worth it.

Thursday, July 29, 2004
I return from a long blog silence to note thatBob Edwards leaving NPR for satellite radio show and now can we please stop hearing about it?

I'd comment on the awesome-ness of Barak, or the weirdness of Edwards (who I was pretty hyped about until yesterday), the continuing flaunting of spouses and children, but really the professional bloggers are doing it much better than I could.

Frankly I'm too busy reading wonkette to blog.
Monday, July 12, 2004
Why is it that's profile of Elizabeth Edwards spends as much time talking about her weight struggles as any other topic? I don't think it's more humanizing than talking about her kids, or volunteer work, or whatever.

I got an email from someone in the computer department here in response to a question I'd had. He replied by giving me detailed instructions about what to do in my mail program. I hadn't told him what mail program I use, or anything about my computer. It's not hard to imagine that he just looked on the network, saw I had a mac, and assumed I used mail, but it was a little big-brother esque.
Wonder if he knows how much time I spend reading Wonkette every day...hmmmmmm...
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Dewey defeats Truman!
well, okay, actually gephardt defeats edwards, but funny nonetheless, even if it is the NY Post.
Did any of you NYers happen to buy a copy? They've fixed it online, unsurprisingly.

Next time there's a national holiday on a weird day someone should tell me. Yesterday was a lonely day at work.

On the upside, I saw no fewer than 7 sets of fireworks last weekend. The Chicago fireworks July 3rd (because we're weird), the Boston fireworks on TV July 4th, and 5+ sets from south east Chicago and north Indiana that were visible from my bf's windows. It was amazing: his 10th floor lake-view apartment literally looked out on constant fireworks, at various distances, for more than 2 hours. Some were hard to make out, some seemed less than a mile away. I don't know exactly how many we saw for sure or where they were, but it was purty.

That's all from me. Life's too boring to have anything to talk about--the veepstakes are well covered elsewhere, and etc.
Friday, July 02, 2004
As a "happy law school" present I gave my boyfriend Law School for Dummies. He started reading it last week. The first sentence in the section following applying to law school, no joke, tells you to dump your girlfriend from home because it'll never work. And then there's a long story about how you either need to dump her or get engaged.

Needless to say, I had not read this book--or really looked at it, since I bought it from Amazon--before giving it. I did not expect it to have romantic advice.

I think he plans to hold this over me for a very long time.
What's with the Yankees and picking up parasites? Like Giambi, Brown Has an Intestinal Parasite. The jokes are all a little too obvious...but it does make one wonder what the heck they've been eating!
Breaking news from the Trib... Marlon Brando dead at 80 /Red Sox / In the end, they discover yet another way to come up empty: "It's true. The Red Sox really are put on this earth to torture and test the faith of their fans."

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