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Thursday, March 31, 2005
Maybe it's a turn of the month thing
So, lets see. It has been a month since I blogged.

For starters, March sucked weather-wise.

Actually, I think that about covers the first few weeks: the weather sucked, routine continued. I went to work, went to class, took tests. Went to a conference in Toronto, where I ran into my high school TD. It was good to see him, but after a while we ran out of things to say, and he wasn't interested in going to a bar. Therefore all our conversations were in convention center hallways or while waiting for sessions. We promised on Wednesday night to meet up again, but come Saturday we hadn't crossed paths.

After Toronto I had "spring break". I didn't have class, but I did have work. Then the boy came into town for the weekend, which was fun. I went to brunch at the four seasons for Easter (highly recommended. They have a bloody mary station at the buffet). Then Tuesday AM I flew to Boston for an interview at the A.R.T.

What? I hear you asking. An interview at the A.R.T? For what?

well, for the position of Assistant General Manager

Oh, you say, wouldn't that be the PERFECT job for you? Isn't it what the last 4 years of your life have set you up for? And wouldn't it be a great step on the way toward your eventual goal of running a large non-profit regional theater?

Why yes, yes it would be. It would be perfect. They also had 74 applicants, so I'm not holding my breath.

But the interview seemed to go well. The more I talk about it, the more people tell me it went REALLY well, which mostly terrifies me more. It was almost 2 hours long, he did a lot of the talking. I had some really good extemp answers, and some just fine canned ones.

Hilariously when he asked me what my favorite A.R.T show was I discarded my canned answer, and instead went with Henry V. Remarkably--especially given that Henry V was some time in the mid-90's--I was able to call a lot about it, probably because I'd spent 10 minutes staring at the production photos in the theater lobby. But it turns out his son saw henry v "when he was about the same age you were when you saw king stag" (which I'd only referenced in my cover letter, but he remembered). I had somehow named the production that was hugely important to him and his family.

Soon after he brought up salary. He wanted to make sure I knew how "low" the salary was, and warned me that I should think about whether or not I could live off of it. I replied that I had looked up the salary ranges before submitting my application (which is true) and did not indicate that it was $10k higher than I make now. Of course, I'll have an MBA in a few months, so a raise is justified / expected, but I am still realistic about the fact that I work in theater. I'm impressed I managed to keep a straight face. Also, I know the cost of living in Boston could be different than in Chicago, but it can't be different enough to make a lack of tuition expense and a 10K raise feel nonexistent.

Then, to ice the cake, about an hour after I finally got back to the office yesterday morning I found an email from Blue Man Group wanting to interview me for a position I applied for with them (associate resident general manager in Vegas). So that's next thursday.

I probably won't get either job, but they are the first 2 I applied for, so I've gotten a huge ego boost.

My boss says I couldn't cut it in Vegas.I half applied for the job just to prove her wrong. Secretly I think she might be right, but I think it would be fun for a couple years.

I'm also now obsessed with The O.C. Blame Jon. I borrowed the first season DVDs from a friend, and have steadily worked my way through to disk 6. Along the way I've developed a massive crush on both Adam Brody and Peter Gallagher (well, I've had a crush on Peter Gallagher since I saw him in guys & dolls with nathan lane. It might be the eyebrows), a hatred of Mischa Barton, and a deepened sense of how hard it is to be rich.

Wait, I went to boarding school.

Speaking of boarding school! If you went to boarding school, know people who went to boarding school, or just enjoy a good read, I HIGHLY reccomend Prep. She pretty much covers all of it, right down to blasting madonna onto the quads during surprise days off. But what she really deeply gets is the interactions of class, money, sex, and teen angst.

My only irritation with the book is that it's an entire novel set at a boarding school and eating disorders don't come up. Now, I may have a personal bias here, but I challenge any of you who went to boarding school to come up with the names of 10 girls from any year that at no point had an eating disorder. I don't think it's possible. Sure, only a couple were school-wide obvious hospitalization level problems, but it was everywhere. And isn't mentioned in the book. But, of course, it's a novel. And a damn good one at that.

It's a long post now and I'm running late for the gym. I haven't been much lately with all the travelling, and I live in fear that one day will be my last day at the gym and I'll revert to my former state of sloth-dom.

In re-reading this post I'm tempted to remove that last paragraph. The psychological insights gathered from it's placement after the prior section is frightening. You'd think I'd have outgrown all that angst...but you'd be wrong.

The spellchecker still doesn't work on this thing (probably a firefox problem. I'll whine). SO please forgive my atrocious spelling.
Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Well, there's a lot to talk about, I suppose.

First, today Anna Deavere Smith visits. She'll be in my boss' office for several hours before a public presentation. I've only brought one copy of "fires in the mirror", and no west wing DVDs, so I'm feeling somewhat restrained. Also, I'm wearing a suit I haven't otherwise worn in the 21st century.

Second, it's a violent day in Chicago. a judge's family was slain. Possibly by people connected to white supremecist matt hale, who was convicted for trying to have her killed. but the media are trying pretty hard to downplay that. Plus, Lyric Opera Singer Found Slain in Home

I can't really do justice to any of that.

and thirdly, on a lighter note, the city and the tribune co have finally reached a deal to expand wrigley field. It includes putting a traffic light on my corner. Good thing I was planning on moving soon.

Perhaps I'll have pithy comments later. For now, off to work.

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